Wednesday's Supreme Court decision on the Janus case impacts us ALL. While the decision is clearly a message of anti union sentiment, and designed to to weaken our long fought for ability to stand together, it is also an opportunity for all of us, who recognize the strength we have in a unified voice, to stand united as allies for the public education our students deserve. 


Our union is strong as evidenced by our commitment card campaign which maintained the power of our voice at nearly our full capacity of 1,300 members. HEA and our contract stands in full effect. Together we have advocated for our students – attracting and retaining colleagues with salary increases and having levels of advocacy recognized throughout the state. HEA members have filed grievances, winning important decisions protecting our rights and our contract. Our school board’s policies and practices have been enforced because of the voices of our union membership. We are the consistent voice and representative body in a district where Superintendents and site administrators change on a regular basis. HEA has influenced district decisions that impact our teaching – including curriculum, program changes, budget decisions, and negotiating a fair contract. As union members, our voices are heard at the state capital, locally at our school board, and will continue to be heard because we have strength in numbers.


Our power is with our membership. Because of Wednesday’s decision, you may be contacted by organizations that want to take away our voice. In CTA, these groups are referred to as “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”. Why? Because they will encourage you to drop your union membership. They will claim that they can represent you – THEY CAN’T! HEA is the sole representative to our district for our members. If a member drops their membership, there will be less representation, a weakening of our power at the bargaining table, and less legal protection, as well as other benefits provided through our union membership. Stand strong and stand with union!


If you are contacted, ALWAYS ask “WHO is providing your funding?”

KNOW that the liability insurance provided by the “Wolves” is UNAVAILABLE once it is used up – NEA liability insurance is per occurrence and available when needed.

KNOW that states where the “Wolves” have taken away the voice of union members, salaries are LOWER, pensions are diminished, and RIGHTS are stripped away.

Make sure any information sent to you about union benefits has the HEA/CTA/NEA "signature" on it.


"Stand Up, Stand Strong, Stand Together" are not just words on a pin - they are the internalized mindset of HEA members! The recent actions of the Supreme Court should not deter us from our form and function in continuing our advocacy for our profession - our working conditions - and perhaps most importantly - for our students ! They are depending upon the strength of our voice! We can not and will not allow this decision to deter us from the strength of our voice on our students' behalf!


Thanks for continuing to Stand Up -Stand Strong- Stand Together with HEA-CTA and NEA!


In Solidarity



Pres HEA - on behalf of your HEA Board



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