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HUSD Schools Closed until
MAY 1, 2020

March 25, 2020

In case you have not heard . . .


Alameda County has extended the school closure to May 1, 2020. Until you hear otherwise, the work that you have been doing (checking for district emails and texts regularly during regular working hours; helping students with enrichment activities and student work through ixl etc.; updating resources and work for your students; and so much more) will continue.


We will negotiate any changes in working conditions after the break. Please remember that, while there are many good intentions, provisions of the contract apply, which includes autonomy of collaboration time, not having to submit lesson plans to admin, etc.


As cautionary notes:

We cannot emphasize enough that the shelter-in-place is for you as well as our students. The district is asking that we follow that guideline and avoid any contact with others. While they asked for volunteers to pass out Chromebooks, the District understood that the admin and some maintenance and operation folks are the ones that were required to be at distribution locations, following guidelines, having gloves, masks etc. No HEA member should have been required to attend the Chromebook distribution, despite guilt placed upon us by some admin. You have the right (and some would say responsibility) to stay away from the students at this time for their sake, for your sake, and for your family's sake.


Finally, in the District's last communication, they shared that the use of Google Hangout and k-6 email is being put on hold until such time as those and similar programs have been vetted for security/confidentiality reasons. As one teacher put it, "I don't want to end up as a meme!" 


So for now, until noted otherwise, continue the good work that you have always done for the students of Hayward!  I believe that each one of us should and is doing what they believe is in the best interest of their student's educational needs and well being. That is what we have always done and, no doubt, under no-matter-what circumstances, will continue to do. 


Proud to stand up, stand strong, and stand together with HEA members!!!

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