FRA (Faculty Representative Assembly) is a vital part of HEA.  Voted by members at each site, these representatives are the policy-making body of HEA. FRA derives its powers from and shall be responsible to the membership.
Representative duties include:
1. Constant and ongoing liaison between the FRA and HEA members;

2. Serve as the official channel through which communications can be easily and quickly transmitted;

3. Represent the views and input of HEA members in votes taken in the FRA, conducting frequent and regular polls of such membership for this purpose.


MONDAY, October 12th

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Bowman Elementary School

Joyce Harris - Representative

Kim Salazar - Representative

Brenkwitz Continuation High School

Paul Cernac- Representative

Bret Harte Middle School

Chantaine Fauntleroy - Representative

Chris Renaldi - Representative

Paula Johnson - Alternate

Burbank Elementary School

Inma Butler - Representative

Yesenia Garcia - Representative

Cesar Chavez Middle School

Colleen Reardon-Jackson - Representative

Jesus Heredia - Representative

Cherryland Elementary School

Kim Steffen - Representative

Adelina Aguillon Cartmell - Representative

Carlos Armenta - Representative

District Office - Level A

TBD - Representative

​East Avenue Elementary School

Paula Taylor - Representative

Crystal Chew - Representative

Eden Gardens Elementary School

Johanna Normart - Representative

Lynette Nielsen - Alternate

Eldridge Elementary School

Kimberly Nepodal Souza - Representative

Mariana Triviso – Alternate

Fairview Elementary School

Kristina Huskins - Representative

Joanne Oshida - Representative

Faith Ringgold K-8

Gloria Holleman - Representative

Glassbrook Elementary School

Erica Isomura - Representative

Francisca Montes - Representative

Harder Elementary School

Zarlasht Barakzoy - Representative

Katy Arrillaga - Representative

Hayward Adult School (Sunset)

Robert Council (Contract) - Representative

Elaine Kanakis (Hourly) - Representative

Hayward High School

Moises Olmos - Representative

Victor Fitzsimmons- Representative

Ruby Goodall - Representative

Connie Miller - Representative

Nancy Sanchez - Representative

Jennifer Gonsalves - Alternate

Helen Turner Children’s Center

Agustina Noble - Representative

Highland Academy

TBD - Representative

King Middle School

Theresa Koscinski – Representative

Roger Horstmann - Representative

Longwood Elementary School

Charlene Pugh - Representative

Monica Roberts - Representative

Lorin Eden Elementary School

Eric Roudabush - Representative

Jill Soares - Representative

Chris Scharfenkamp - Alternate

​Mt. Eden High School

John Zentner - Representative

Ronnie (Earl) Cato - Representative

Marie Butler - Representative

Steve Elliott - Representative

Taslin Kimball - Representative

Zandra Marshall - Representative


TBD - Representative

Jilla Azad (Nurses) - Representative

Ochoa Middle School

Richelle Hartwell - Representative

Betty Easterday, Representative

Luke Cottrill – Alternative

Palma Ceia Elementary School

Ben Hinchman – Representative

Park Elementary School

Elvia Gauzin - Representative

Lori Suydam – Representative


Silvia Grasseti-Kruglikov (Burbank) - Representative

Dionisia Inocencio (Cherryland) - Representative

Andrea Mace (Winton) - Representative

Ruus Elementary School

Marnie Buxbaum - Representative

Schafer Park Elementary School

Isabel Souto - Representative
Layla Fremming - Representative

Carmela Carlos - Alternate

​S.I.A.C. (Student Intake and Assessment Center)

Francisca Montes - Representative-at-Large

Michele McKinley - Representative

Southgate Elementary School

Marva McInnes – Representative

​Speech Language Pathologists

Jesus Perez Murillo - (Bowman) - Representative

Brandi Young (Fairview) - Alternate

Stonebrae Elementary School

Andrea Ennis - Representative

Ashley Frey - Representative

Dayna Hudson - Alternate

Strobridge Elementary School

Eric Grothkopp - Representative

Miriam Warren - Representative

Tennyson High School

Adrianna Legakis- Representative

Bianca Murillo-Aguilar- Representative

Amy Kohl- Representative

Charles Jones - Representative

Treeview/Bidwell Elementary School

Jennifer Bills - Representative

Lance James - Representative

Tyrrell Elementary School

Teresa  Martin - Representative

Melba Davis-Russaw - Representative

Winton Middle School

Liz Morena- Representative

Updated: September 3, 2019

FRA Representatives by Site

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