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Expecting Educator Gift

Expecting parents will receive a picture frame and a children's book as a welcome gift for you and your baby Please notify Human Resources and/or our office when you plan to be out on leave. Come by the HEA Office to pick-up your gift or contact your FRA Rep. Congratulations!

CTA Membership cards have been sent out through the site FRA Reps.  If you have not received yours, please contact the HEA Office.  If you have changed sites or had an address change, let us know and we will update your information and send you a new card.

Health Insurance 

If have questions about your health insurance, contact the District office at (510) 784-2600.  Lisa Marie Custard, Benefits Specialist at ext. 72567 or Rosemary Rivas, Benefits Manager at ext. 72639. 

Human Resources

If you have questions about personnel issues, call the District office at (510) 784-2600.  For last names A-F, call Marie Salta-Ramos at ext. 72709.  For last names G-N, call Annette Higares at ext. 72690.  For last names O-Z, call Marisol Landeros at ext. 72649.

Retirement Benefits

If you have questions about your retirement benefits, call CalSTrs at 1-800-228-5453.  Office hours are M-F from 8-5.  They are located at:  3945 Freedom Circle, Suite 350, Santa Clara, CA 95054.


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2018-2019 Conferences and Workshops



Members share their experiences from the

CTA Good Teaching Conference...

" I learned so many examples and ideas to keep my students academically engaged the entire time they are in the classroom; where a 60 minute class session or a block period.

I learned  how to push through their resistance with several different positive choices that helps win students over for a permanent basis, as well as allow them to feel safe to share, interact or take a change at being wrong because "Mistakes are Welcome." I learned different ways to partner up or split up kids in groups for maximum effectiveness. I learned higher level thinking ways of getting students to retain permanently and share what they learned. I also learned ways to have my students take notes in a better and more efficient way.

I learned so many catchy phrases that I cannot wait to implement!"

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