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Time is running out...

Have you signed the SCF Petition?
Has everyone at your worksite signed? 
Do you have petitions to turn in?

As you know, our HEA/CTA is working hard to qualify the Schools & Community First ballot measure ("SCF") for November 2020.  The stakes are high with $12 billion on the line to help local schools and communities with vital resources.  We are still a long way from reaching our signature gathering goal.  In this part of the state, we still need to gather an additional 27,480 signatures.

If we don't collectively meet our goal, the measure will not qualify to be placed on the ballot.  This is because the paid signature gathering operation--which will reach its goal--has told the campaign they won't be able to help out with additional signatures.  Why?  Very soon, there will be too many other initiatives in circulation.

This past week, the SCF campaign (not CTA) announced that it was approaching having gathered 1,000,000 signatures, but we still need another 600,000.  We are close, but we all need to pitch in to help.


What can you do?

  1. Sign the petition if you haven't already.  Ask your FRA Rep at your school or worksite.

  2. Ask your FRA Rep or the HEA office for a petition or two so you can collect signatures from family and friends.

  3. Turn in petitions as soon as possible.  No need to have "full" petitions.  Even a few signatures on a petition will help our union reach its goal.

  4. If you have questions or need petitions, please contact your FRA Rep or the HEA office.

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